No Shipment Refusals....It's a Done Deal!

By Charles White posted 03-18-2015 17:00

What we all feared has come to fruition. On Friday March 13 SDDC made it official. This summer Transportation Service Providers (TSP) will not have the ability to refuse shipments. The exact SDDC wording in Friday's announcement was:

In accordance with the DTR, Part IV, Chapter 402 this message advises TSPs that shipment refusal procedures for peak season 2015 will not be modified to allow for Unlimited Refusals. TSPs will be required to manage blackouts and additional details summarizing DTR procedures will be provided to all stakeholders in our Peak Season Message next week.

TSPs must manage their traffic volumes using only the DPS Blackout functionality. That may fine for the origin side of Domestic shipments but the enhanced granularity found there is not available for the destination nor on the overseas portion of International shipments. Trying to manage those aspects of moves, using the current functionality, is going to be a major challenge for TSPs. The capacity available to SDDC may be greatly reduced due to this change.

IAM continues to push back against the decision through various forms of communication with SDDC. We also plan to push our concerns to the hierarchy at U.S. Transportation Command.

As Friday's message from SDDC indicated, stay tuned for "additional details" from SDDC.

IAM will also continue to keep the membership updated as further information becomes available.